Tanzania Canoeing Safari

Tanzania Canoeing Safari is the ultimate in relaxing excitement to enjoy the astonishingly beautiful scenery. It is appropriate for guests who like to experience a different but easy Activity option and it is also good for guests who do not have plenty of time in the National park.
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For the country with both the biggest and the deepest lake in Africa, Tanzania visitors have relatively little opportunity for canoeing safaris. The only areas where game viewing can be done from a canoe are in Arusha National Park, Lake Duluti and in Lake Manyara National Park (if water level is sufficient). This is all canoeing on lakes, not rivers and the safaris are no longer than 3-hours.

We started our canoeing safari operations in Lake Manyara National Park after El Nino flooded most of the park and a canoe was a very sensible means of game viewing. This was the first adventure activity to be allowed in any Tanzanian National Park and we are still the only outfitter allowed to operate this activity for the parks. A well trained our guide will accompany your canoe safari.

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(Canoeing on Momella Lakes Day Tour from Arusha Town is a scenic Guided Canoeing Safari on the Small Momella Lake inside Arusha National Park in Tanzania. Its game viewing done from a canoe where you can get close to buffalo, without being charged; you will see Giraffes, Bushbucks, Waterbucks, witness a 600 species strong bird community and view Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro from the same spot)

The Momella Lakes, located in the Arusha National Park, are a collection of multiple lakes. Underground water channels mostly feed the lakes and the water level tables are supported by rainfall at various times of the year. The water feeding into the lake is rich in minerals of varying types allowing various types of bird life to be attracted to the lakes like flamingoes, little grebes, herons, Egyptian geese and lots more.

The canoeing on Momella Lakes actually takes place on Small Momella Lake, with great views of the forest back drop. The canoeing on the lake is relaxing and mildly adventurous.

In the distance lay the sleepy hippos basking in the sun, content with the visual sighting of the lake and its familiar home territory. Other great photographic opportunities include buffaloes, waterbuck and bushbuck.

This trip takes you to Arusha national park - the only place in Tanzania where you can get close to buffalo, without being charged; you will see giraffes, bushbucks, waterbucks, witness a 600 species strong bird community and view Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro from the same spot – all from the exciting luxury stable two-person canoes.

Guests canoe their own canoes around the various small bays in the lake finding new adventures around every corner. The Arusha National Park is home to good numbers of beautiful tall blonde giraffes which are also seen near the lake areas. After your canoeing experience, enjoy a picnic lunch at a nearby site with afternoon game drive en route before returning to Arusha.

Lake Duluti is a small crater lake situated in eastern Arusha. It takes approximately 20 minutes from Arusha City. Canoe Tours in Lake Duluti is the ultimate canoe trip for those looking for a relaxing adventure combining with a beautiful landscape of quiet forests and lakes with an element of mystery. Surrounded by forested crater walls of up to 200m high, this is a very special and quiet 1.5 to 2 hours canoeing experience with about 1100m across and covers an area of 63ha. The Lake is surrounded by a thick forest that is home to a number of reptiles like lizards and snakes, while the lake itself is a sanctuary for varies bird species ranging from aquatic to flying birds. Canoes used are 2-person Canadian canoes but can also accommodate three persons. Canoeing Safari in Lake Duluti contact us for more information

Lake Manyara is home to an incredible array of bird life, including thousands of pink-hued flamingos. You can get very close to giraffes, elephants, buffalos and other animals grazing on the shoreline. All from the comfort of your canoe. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and the beauty that surrounds you on this 2.5 hours canoe safari. Canoeing Safari in Lake Manyara National Park contact us for more information

Canoeing Safari in Tanzania
Tanzania Canoeing Safari