Tanzania Unique Adventures


Travel with Purpose

A safari trip as part of school or college learning is an exceptional education in itself. It’s an amazing opportunity for students to explore a different part of the world. They will enjoy seeing animals roam in their natural habitat and visiting local communities and taking part in day to day activities. It’s also a chance to learn about a different ecosystem and understand more about the geography of Africa.

Tailor-Made Educational Excursions

Toto Africa Adventures often devises tailor-made safari programmes for high school students and college/university students. Working closely with teachers and professors, we create in-depth, exciting itineraries on Africa that aim to enthuse and enlighten students of all ages. We also design travel adventures based on particular study needs therefore preparing a specific itinerary to meet educational goals.

Experience Real Life!

Additionally, we often organise for students to get involved with the local communities, experiencing day to day life doing meaningful work so they enjoy a thoroughly rewarding experience. Of course, those students who express an interest in photography will be able to put their skills to the test.

What We Offer

  • Field trips and Safari Tours
  • Language courses
  • Trekking Tours in Kilimanjaro, Mt. Usambara
  • Cultural Experience Tours in Maasai and Hadzabe Villages
  • Historical Locations
  • Ecosystem learning

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