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We Offer You A Wide Range Of Excellent Tanzania Travel Game Lodges And Tented Campsite Accommodation To Choose From. Different Standards And Quality Of Travel Accommodation.
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Need help deciding on the best Accomodation for your safari ?

During your Tanzania safari you will most probably stay in different accommodation and most likely only in one hotel in Arusha or Moshi when doing the  Northern Tanzania safaris likewise in Dar-es Saalam when doing Tanzania Southern safaris. The other spot is at Zanzibar where you will stay at a hotel in Stone town or a Beach hotel or Resort.

On your landing in Tanzania and if is via Kilimanjaro International Airport and staying in and around Arusha we can offer you a stay in a city hotel or a safari lodge relying upon your inclination.

During your Wildlife and Cultural Safari in Tanzania as part of your visit you will in all probability stay in a safari lodge or a tented camp/lodge.

Most importantly give us a chance to demystify the view of numerous individuals that tented camps are less expensive than hotels. That is a falsehood. Hotels and tented camps all go under the same guidelines and classes and costs also. The main contrast is the style. While lodges are inherent block and mortar, significance they are truly walled rooms and structures, the tented camps are tented rooms and houses made out of campaign.

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Safari Accommodation Differences

Ranging from 5-star hotels to remote tented camps , accommodation in Tanzania is as diverse as the country itself. Whether you’re after a family beach resort, a city-center guest house or a classic safari lodge in Big 5 country, our accommodation recommendations will ensure you get the experience you want.

Camping Accommodation in Tanzania

Budget Safari Camp

Budget camping fits in the tented camps category. The experience is however completely different, making it deserve to be regarded separately.

You get to stay in public campsites, inside bivouac tents, sleeping on mattresses laid on the tent floor, or in sleeping bags. Basic washroom facilities are available in the public campsites, and are shared by everyone at the campsite. Campsites are the most basic of accommodations in terms of facilities and amenities. However, out here you will most likely have the most authentic experience and get as close to nature as nowhere else.

Mobile Camps Accommodations

Safari mobile camp

These small, intimate camps move around, following herds of migratory animals. Camp operators construct semi-permanent camps that are constructed in the open bush. There are no barriers and animals can roam free but these mobile camps are safe and guests’ safety is a top priority. The camps are fully serviced by a permanent staff and the camps aim to offer up a luxury experience in the wilderness. Meals are served by a camp chef and eaten in the ambience of Africa, water is heated by staff for bathing, and generators power the mobile camps. When staying in a tented camp, guests have the opportunity to truly connect with nature. December – April mobile tents are set in Ndutu areas, May to June – North and west Serengeti, July to October – North Serengeti.

Luxury Safari Tented Camps

Safari Tented Camp

Tented camps are made up of large, walk in, canvas tents set up on permanent frames. These camps are generally smaller than lodges and have the amenities similar to that of a lodge or hotel such as separate en-suite bathrooms, restaurants and swimming pools. The tented camps aim to provide all the comforts of a lodge while giving guests a smaller, intimate, tented yet luxurious safari experience. Same it ranges from three-star levels to ultimate five-star luxury.

Mid-Range Lodges

Safari Lodges

Safari lodges are larger, permanent structures built of brick and mortar. Lodges are smaller than hotels but have the same full amenities and similar facilities such as restaurants and swimming pools. The safari lodges range from three-star levels to ultimate five-star luxury.