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Tanzania Luxury Safaris

Tailor your Luxury Tanzania Safari with the Best Tour Operator in Tanzania or contact our Tanzania Safari Expert to Plan your African Safari Vacation Trip to match your Preferences.


Toto Africa Adventures  specializes in High End Luxurious Safaris in Tanzania, by revolutionizing the whole concept of luxury adventure tourism. We have made it our goal to make sure that all our guests immerse themselves in to the mainstay of Africa’s wildlife through our luxury Tanzania safari tours packages. During the day, you will spend your time with highly ranked safari guides who have extensive knowledge about the national parks and wildlife. For overnight, you will stay at world-renowned lodges and Luxury camps inside Tanzania’s National Parks. From fine dining to exquisite amenities. Explore the sights along with sounds of the natural wildlife on our Tanzania luxury safari’s and fall asleep listening to the night-time sounds of the creatures.

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Our Specialist are the best and we are confident that no other travel company can match our expertise in helping you plan your trip.

The Perfect African Adventure with you in mind ...

Get our Top African Safari Experience that you won’t find anywhere else by booking Tanzania Safari with us, Whatever Your Preferences, Our Specialists Offer First-Hand Safari Holidays To Match Your Interests and your Budget! Experience luxury travel in Africa: witness the most sought-after wildlife on the planet while staying in premium accommodations set in breath-taking locations.

Best Places to go for a luxury safari in Tanzania

Toto Africa Adventures offers luxury safaris to all of the key safari parks in the Northern Circuit, as well as other destinations across Tanzania such as Zanizbar Island etc. Here are some of the most popular parks:

Tanzania Safari FAQ

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is a great option for travelers who have limited time because it is near to Arusha, international airports, and suitable for a day-safari. Overnight options are available, as well, for the travelers seeking more time in this amazing national park. The main attractions are the ancient baobabs (which can live over a thousand years!), and the largest elephant population in Northern Tanzania. Visitors to this park are sure to see plenty of elephants and giraffes, as well as major predators like lions, leopards, and cheetahs.

There are a number of luxury accommodations in Tarangire National Park, or just outside its gates for convenient access. These lodges offer beautiful swimming pools with magnificent views, day spa treatments, and chef-prepared three-or five-course meals.

Lake Manyara Luxury Adventure

Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park is an excellent choice for travelers going to the Serengeti or Ngorongoro Crater. Situated near both these major destinations, Lake Manyara National Park offers a pristine and calm safari drive to break up the total distance to Serengeti National Park.

Bird enthusiasts, especially, should visit Lake Manyara National Park for the many distinct bird species which make their nests in the forest surrounding the lake. Lake Manyara itself has a rosy hue from afar, due to the great number of pink flamingos living along its shores. This national park is the only location in Tanzania to witness tree-climbing lions.

Luxury resorts around Lake Manyara offer breath-taking views of the Great Rift Valley, scenes of the Ngorongoro Hills, and all-inclusive features for those on a luxury safari.

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Ngorongoro Crater

No luxury safari in Tanzania would be complete without a visit to the famous Ngorongoro Crater. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and archeological destination in its own right, Ngorongoro Crater boasts the highest density of wild animals on the planet. The Crater formed when a volcano - presumably larger than Africa’s tallest mountain - erupted and left behind this massive caldera. Now, Ngorongoro is home to many of the most-sought after wildlife in Tanzania, including; the endangered black rhino, elephants, and possibly the largest pride of lions in East Africa.

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Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is a massive national park in northern Tanzania, along the border to Kenya. It is here that tourists flock every year to witness the great Serengeti Migration, featuring millions of animals returning from the Maasai Mara along the Grumeti River. Zebras, gazelles and wildebeests return in large herds to raise their young in the savannahs of Tanzania. These animals are naturally followed by predators, making Serengeti National Park an ideal location to spot leopards, lions and cheetahs as they follow the grazing animals across the African savannah.


Why do a luxury safari in Tanzania with Us?

Toto Africa Adventures is the best choice for a luxury safari in Tanzania because we have been running safari operations in Tanzania for years. Toto Africa Adventures has established relationships with some of the top safari lodges in major destinations throughout Tanzania: think a fabulous tented lodge located within Serengeti National Park, or picturesque accommodations overlooking Lake Manyara. Further, Toto Africa Adventures selects only the best safari guides, and from these core staff, choose only the most experienced and astute to guide luxury safaris. Guides who have a keen intuition for client’s needs and an understanding of differing personalities.

Extend your journey: Zanzibar beach vacations after safari

A popular addition to a Tanzanian safari tour is a visit to the gorgeous Zanzibar. Off the coast of Tanzania, this tropical paradise has enticed sultans, traders and travelers for centuries. The area is brimming with history, lined with white sand beaches, and is a perfect romantic ending to any Tanzanian trip.


Toto Africa Adventures organizes each luxury safari based on individual interest, with special attention given to the occasion- such as a honeymoon or family reunion. Our staff go the extra mile to communicate with lodges and safari drivers before and during safaris to ensure the best possible experience for our clients. Each safari car undergoes a meticulous inspection before departure to ensure the highest safety standards and avoid potential inconveniences while on the road. All of our driver-guides are full-time employees, and we never take the risk of hiring contracted free-lance drivers for any of our safaris. In this way, we can ensure our guests are led by experts in wildlife and who have in depth knowledge of the national parks.

Our Recommended Luxury Safari Packages in Tanzania

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