Chemka Hot spring Day Trip

Chemka / Kikuletwa Hot spring Day Trip

Kikuletw Hot sprind Day Trip

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Relax and Refresh Chemka Hot Springs Day Trip

A short but bumpy drive from Moshi are the clear, turquoise waters of the Chemka Hot Springs, an oasis of geothermal warmth that bubbles up from underground. Surrounded by lush forest alive with birdsong and the call of monkeys, the Chemka Hot Springs is an ideal place to ease those tired legs after a strenuous ascent up Kilimanjaro. They’re a little bit of heaven that’s perfect for a daytrip, and those warm blue waters invite you to linger, swim or explore. Return refreshed, revitalised and relaxed.

And if you really don’t want to leave just yet, we can organise and afternoon barbie or even an overnight stay.

Kikuletwa or chemka hot spring is among the best natural water springs found in the Kilimanjaro region. There not much to explore just be ready to spend the day swimming in the Kikuletwa natural hot water spring.

Day 1: Moshi – Kikuletwa

You will be picked up in your hotel in Moshi and take a dive to small town called Bomang’ombe( About 1 hour drive), then take dust road and drive for about 45 minutes through the local villages.

The road will take you thru gorgeous African country side past bush land, dry riverbeds, and baobab and acacia trees among many others. When you reach Kikuletwa hot springs it will appear as an oasis surrounded by sprawling fig trees, in the middle of this semi-arid land scape. You will see crystal clear water bubbling from underground caves, giving the impression that it is boiling, hence the name “Hot Springs’.

This water is perfectly refreshing and if you brought your swimming gears start enjoying and spend most of the time on swimming and rest on the mattress have nap then get back swimming till your body says yes it’s enough then get in the vehicle start the drive back to hotel where the tour ends.

if you need this fantastic trip please don’t hesitate to contact us  or you can add this tour as add-on adventure after kilimanjaro climb or Safari

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